Grow Your Audience, Sell More Digital Products, Collaborate with the top experts in the industry while staying true to yourself — and taking weekends off again.



Hey, are you here because you want to join 20k Nation and be part of the Viral Bundle System™ experience but you want the short version of this page?

Cliff Notes:  

  • 20k Nation is an application only inner circle for experts, course creators and online business owners who are committed to growing businesses that change the World and make a lot of money selling digital products, consistently.
  • We’ve been around for 5+ years and we have always curated top industry experts collaborating together. We are not a mastermind for newbies in business. So please don't apply if that's you.
  • Apply before 30th October, 10pm UK time and get FREE access to the $2000 Viral Bundles System (where we will teach you how to create, launch and scale your own $30 digital bundle, what I have coined a "viral bundle"), which has helped us bring over 3000+ additional paying customers in 5.5 months. 
  • Choose to join us MONTHLY and have recurring access to the Viral Bundles System™ for the duration of your membership OR join us ANNUALLY, save 25% OFF ($591) + get LIFETIME access to the Viral Bundles System™ + a FREE call with Katya (worth $1300).  
  • The Viral Bundles System™ course and system is currently developed LIVE, which means you get to SHAPE it! I expect version 0 to be completed within 1-3 months but 3 modules are already available! 

Alright.. now let's do some proper details, shall we... 

Social Media is a wonderful idea, until you find yourself at the edge of a cliff, screaming into the void.

It sounds dramatic, but it's what so many do. Scream at the top of their lungs. Hoping somebody would listen. Cause nobody's famous enough until enough people listen. Now if they could only scream loud enough…

20K Nation puts a stop to that.

No void. No competition. No screaming. Unless you're very excited or into metal, that is.

We join forces to go further, faster. We prop each other up. We aim for world domination, together.

No voice is lost. No spark not fanned into a fire. 


20k Followers. $20k Months. 20 Hours A Week. 

*We used to be called Peri10K. Since then, it turned out there was life beyond Periscope. It also turned out $10K was the new broke. So we upgraded the name to match the evolving concept.

We are a group of thought leaders and changemakers committed to building a business that serves both the world AND our own lives.

We’ve been around since 2015, and in that time we’ve had hundreds of business owners ditch their dusty freebie collections and find sustainable success online at last.


Help 1000+ course creators and small businesses create more abundance and freedom through viral marketing campaigns, digital products and collaboration. 

How do we help you achieve that?  All our products and offers follow the VIPS Success Path



It's the ability to create content & products that attract massive attention. Without VIRALITY, you will not get eyeballs and build an audience. And without audience and traffic you cannot serve customers the way you know you can. 


Getting attention is amazing but FREEBIE seekers do NOT pay the bills. You need to become a person of INFLUENCE by growing a list of buyers. We use a process called the Viral Bundle System™ to create and launch viral-worthy, low-ticket, high impact digital products. 


To create undying loyalty and sustainability in your business, bringing customers is not enough. The real PROFITS are in your ability to recognize and grab the opportunities to serve these customers even deeper through recurring revenue and higher end offers and services. 



Getting to $10k month is easy to do with a small audience and medium traffic, but in order to SCALE to $20k+ a month and beyond you need to learn how to 10x your traffic through ads and collaborations. In the Viral Bundle System™ specifically, we cover exactly how we scaled our Viral Content Templates™  to $20k a month of passive income sales. 



Because you may not know this, but 4 years ago when I hit my first $20k month, my business changed forever. 

  • It was my first $20k month that when I finally got out of a small-time hustle and turned it into a business. 
  • It was after that I was able to delegate all the stuff I am bad at, slow at or miserable doing. 
  • It was after that my business got healthy, and my expenses were covered, and I had enough to both live a beautiful life and reinvest into my growth. 
  • $20k months helped me finally get the influence and recognition I always wanted. 
  • It was after that I started to take back the time I needed to enjoy my location freedom and recharge my batteries, so I can come back to work inspired and ready to reach for these new heights and eventually… industry leader status. 

$20k months was my magic number. Yours might be bigger or smaller. 

What I would ask myself if I was you is this time next year, where could your life be? 

The 20k Nation Mastermind is here to be your support system and the business family you always wanted. 

We know where you’re going, we know the best route, and we’ve got the wheels you don’t

We’ll get you where you need to go. You just have to be willing to collaborate and serve and be open to receiving the support you need. 



Global and Highly Pre-Vetted Community 

It’s not talked about much, but the most crucial part of running an online business? Rubbing your shoulders with the right people. 

Laptop isolation is real (especially nowadays). And it’s not that easy to talk about conversion rates with people who barely see the online world outside Buzzfeed.

With us, it will NEVER be a problem.

You’ll meet some of the most exciting people in your entire life, from best-selling authors, to TEDx speakers, to award-winning entrepreneurs, to inventors, to artists.

All been handpicked, so they’re all genuinely good people, too.

And they stick around, so we must be okay.

You’ll soon have someone to meet up for a real hug and a coffee wherever in the world you go (well not for a few more months). 

If there’s more than one of us in town? It’s party time (self-isolation parties??)

Monthly Group Coaching & Mastermind Call Katya
(value: $497 / m)

Once a month, you get a chance to hop on a group call to ask any implementation or ideas question you might have for the crazy brain behind the operation. 

Want to talk about your content? I’ll help. 

Need to clarify your messaging? Here for ya.

Got a video idea you want to run by me? Just ask!

These calls are for you to get all the clarity I can help you with. And we try to get as many people the chance to have a hot seat and we often host breakout rooms. 3 hours every month at a US and Europe friendly time zone - together. Replays are recorded.  

Monthly Mastermind Call with the Community
(value: $497 / m)

Until experience teaches you to trust your gut, it’s hard to just go with your next great idea.

You need other people to say it’s great, too!

And you DEFINITELY need others to tell you if it ain’t that great, and what to consider instead.

Once a month on a Zoom call, you can tap the power of the several dozen top shelf brains that call 20KN their home for pretty much anything. From naming your offerings, to marketing strategies, to handling difficult clients like you’ve been a business shark all your life.

Your only job is to show up and tell us what’s going on. And just like the coaching calls, these get-togethers also do run for 3 hours!

Q&As with Katya (value: priceless)

I know you're a busy entrepreneur who has no time to waste. And while sometimes you may enjoy going through a course, there's nothing more valuable than having an answer for your challenge right now, especially during this crazy pandemic. 

That's why during the pandemic, I am doing WEEKLY Q&As in the facebook group where you can ask me ANYTHING that’s on your mind.  

I don't know for how long I will keep up with the weekly Q&As, so I suggest you get your butt in while I still do them regularly.  

CEOs pay $20k to work with me for 3 months, you get to ask me a question every single week, for free.

The 20K Nation Blueprint (value: $2000)

Once you've created your viral bundle, then you'll dive into the 20K Nation Blueprint, which is a 12 Sprint System designed to give you quick wins in the marketing and sales areas of your online business, catapulting you right into that top 5% income bracket.

The Blueprint makes sure you don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.

It’s a highly strategic system built on the very specific step-by-step actions that I’ve used to ensure my own success and the success of many clients, taking us to $20K a month and way beyond.

We’ve done this enough times to know there’s no niche it can’t work for. Love coaching. Health and Wellness. Marketing and Business Growth.

This is how you go pro.

This is how they learn your name.


Uh, just this chick with great hair, a deep understanding of psychology, and a supernatural talent for viral marketing. 

Also, again, me. I’m Katya.

Before 20KN, or as it was known back then, Peri10k was born, I had little understanding of social media, and hardly any awareness of my viral and video marketing talents.

Gotta do things to know you’re good at them.

So I just had my University Law School degree, and I had my banking job, and, yes, I already had pretty good hair, but I did not know what my life would become.

Then Periscope happened, and one day I found myself sitting on my bed, and daring myself to go live.

“Who are you to do this? You’re not in a fun enough location, and you don’t look that great today, and who’s gonna listen, and what will they think of you?”

But I went live anyway, and somebody did listen, so I showed up the next day, and the next day, and the day after that. Before I knew it, I had thousands of followers and a membership community that just fell into my lap.

That’s how you know a really special thing. It almost feels like it creates itself.

Peri10k turned into a full-time job within 3 months, so I quit the one in banking and went all in on this online thing.

Except it took up all of my time without much to show for it.

I was making more money than I had in my office job, but THIS WAS A BUSINESS NOW

I had expenses. I couldn’t pay myself much of a salary. And hey, “hard work makes the dream work”, right?

So I started putting in 16-hour days. Staying inside all day, looking at my screen and eating to numb my dissatisfaction.

Same revenue. Bigger butt. Bigger than I wanted it, to be specific.

This had to stop.

So I focused on two things: digital products and recurring revenue. I shifted my business model to 80% information and implementation product and 20% customization and 1-2-1 support. 

Soon enough, I was making viral bundles, mini courses and helping my members on building their brands and making sales on their social media. 

Since then, I have used one video shot in 15 minutes on my iPhone to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.

I have shot viral videos that received MILLIONS of views.

I have built a dream team of 10 rockstars, and I’ve grown mine into a 6-figure (in profit) business, helping entrepreneurs at all levels, from the greenest beginner, to some of my former mentors.

I’ve been behind some of the biggest influencers’ videos like Selena Soo, Lenka Lutonska, Patt Flynn’s book coach Azul Terronez and Shaa Wasmund.

I now have over 5000+ paying customers and over 300 affiliates from over 100 countries. 

And my clients have it good. They’ve landed book deals, TEDx talks, Forbes features, meetings with BBC, and good old-fashioned $15K first sales, $20k consistent months all while NOT killing themselves to get there, which isn’t typically what your parents teach ya about how the world works. 

But each time it happened? Less and less surprising.

You see, success is very replicable if you know what system you’re using. 

I know what system I’m using. I’ve tested it over and over, and I don’t need any more test subjects. 

You’re not my test subject. 

You’re my next success story.

Let’s play like you mean it.


We're proud to have partnered with Tamrah Barber and her special non-profit organization making an impact to improve the lives of teenagers around the World since 2019. 

A percentage of the profits from 20k Nation are donated to Tamrah Barber's non-profit organization, so not only will we be able to help you reach your goals, but you’ll be helping her reach hers! 

Tamrah Barber is one unique woman who created Extreme Teen Leaders to train the leaders of tomorrow. 


Extreme Teen Leaders (XTL360) is a non-profit organization and community that provides personal development trainings for teenagers in the US designed to help 14-18 year olds build leadership skills and emotional resilience. (It’s like Tony Robbins for teens).

Historically, they’ve run live events across the US but with the recent craziness in the World, the donations will help contribute towards building their online courses so they can reach more teens from home.

After going through XTL360, many of the students go on to become mentors of their fellow friends, initiate impactful community service projects, and become powerful and responsible adults. By being part of 20k Nation, you are potentially sponsoring one of the next leaders of your country.

In the last financial year, we donated more than 10% of the profits from 20k Nation into Extreme Teen Leaders, sponsoring 60 teenagers into the programs. 

“You sound rad! Tell me more about your content beside the Viral Bundle System". 

The truth is, it’s dead easy to do a very mediocre job at this online thing.

There’s just too much to do.

Which is why you have instant access to all of the core marketing skills and community that will help you grow your audience, authority and impact.


Boss level or it didn’t happen.

There’s a bit of content in our membership zone — just enough to tell you what you need to know — and if you can focus down on just what the sprint tells you, you’ll see massive progress in minimum time.

They’re stackers, too.

Each one a million times more impactful because of the ones that have come before.

So what are they, specifically? Here’s a quick rundown:


(value: $2000)

We could start with sales, and many coaches and programs would have you to, but that’s building castles in the sand. 

You’re smarter than that. You need something that can last you longer than a few weeks.

So we start with the very foundations that none of the greatest brands out there have ever skipped:

Your vision and mission statement, your ideal client, and a quick personality audit to switch you into superstar mode.

It’s important to have a healthy goal. It’s even more important to have a product portfolio to match. 

And if Gary Vee looked at yours right now, let’s be honest, he’d probably think of two dozen ways to sell your thing to more people, with more impact, for more money, that the people in your audience would actually feel better about.

Now, Gary’s a busy man, yes. But this is our version of that, and it’ll do just fine.

Ever seen a bland and boring expert talk about their thing?

What they’re saying might be good, but the experience doesn’t quite inspire you to listen, does it?

Your unique differentiator is the #1 thing that will help you avoid that.

It doesn’t just make your stand out in the sea of “competition”. It turns you into an unforgettable experience they won’t be able to quit.

Gone are the days of trading time for money. You are nobody’s commodity.

Engagement feels nice, but it doesn’t pay your mortgage.

If they liked it, then they shoulda click the “buy” on it.

In this sprint, you will learn and start using multiple tried and true sales strategies, getting that level of commitment over and over again.

Because of course you’re worth it.

Properly qualified prospects will never ever doubt that.

You’re getting good at this. You’re getting new results, and they’re really, really good.

Perfect time to freak out, isn’t it?

“What if I’m wrong about this? What if I can’t handle this? What if my 3rd grade teacher finds out I do this and judges me?”

Your mindset sets your glass ceiling. So how about doing away with self-sabotage and finding your rockstar confidence in Sprint 5?

Money blocks? Gone. Prosperity mindset? Level 100.

Now let’s see who can pull off the bigger scarf, Lenny Kravitz!

Yep, content IS king. But we’ve got clients to help, families to take care of, and budding wealth to enjoy. We CANNOT spend all our time creating random things to put on the Internet.

Especially since the random approach doesn’t work out all that often.

So no more “Dear Diary” in here. It’s strategic creation time.

Focus for 10 days, have enough brilliant content to last you 90, and maybe a system to organize and distribute it, too.

If you doubted your authentic star power before, it’s probably changing by now.

You’re learning that there’s an audience out there that is ready to love you just the way you are. Putting yourself out there isn’t that scary anymore. That’s just how it goes,

This is not predicting the future. It’s a story we’ve seen time and time again within this very community.

And so it’s not just a random guess that you’ll be ready for a lot more attention by Sprint 7. It's an experience. Which is why we invest the two weeks into GROWTH.

Hey, $20K! We’re coming for ya!

Now is the time for mastery of this all-important content type — to connect, and intrigue, and even close on the same video.

We were a live streaming community before FB knew what live streaming was.

I have personally done over 1000 live streams - more than enough to feel things out.

We’ve done this enough to know exactly what works and why.

Proof is definitely in the pudding. And there’s a lot of great pudding to be enjoyed these two weeks.

Story is probably the most ancient — and most powerful — form of human magic.

It’s the one way you can influence how people think and how they feel while also giving them a great time. 

Stories are what connects, sells, and brands. A good story doesn’t just get attention on the spot — it gets retold.

“I’ve heard so much about you.”

Those are the words that sell out your gig before you put up a single flyer, and you’re about to hear them a lot more often.

So far, we’ve made it hard for you to fail by giving you structure and guidance to do everything you needed to. 

And your income has grown, and you’re dialed in on what your special sauce is. Great stuff.

But you know what makes it IMPOSSIBLE to fail? Sticking to the sauce making, and letting other people do everything else.

They’re probably better at it. And you could probably make a lot more sauce if you weren’t too busy washing pots. 

So let us take you through the process of building structure, systems, and your perfect team. We’ll make sure you have time to spare.

Here’s what makes a successful business owner sleep so well at night:

They know that even if they don’t show up to work tomorrow, people will still walk through the door and buy things.

You’ve outgrown standing outside your shop and dragging people in one by one.

Facebook Ads can do that for you now.

And if your organic reach worked? Your paid reach will DOMINATE with Sprint 11, delivered by my very own Facebook Ad manager.

She’s been with me for 3 years. She’s helped me get over 30x ROI on some of the campaigns we ran. She’s good.

As much as you treasure your audience, they’re not the only ones worthy of your brilliance. 

Other people want you, too. They just don’t know it yet. 

PR and collaborations are how you tell them.

It’s easier than it sounds. And you? You’re readier than you think.


“Is that it?”

Of course not. What kind of an online business do you think I’m running here? ;)

That was the core of the offering, yes. All the things I know you NEED to get where any budding online entrepreneur like yourself needs to go.

But if you’re ready to live and breathe your business for the next few months? We've got a few things on top of the core curriculum for ya.

#0. SPECIAL BONUS: The Viral Bundles System (value: $2000) 

Inside 20k Nation, I'll be teaching you the 5 Steps Process That I follow to create, launch and scale, what I have coined "viral bundles". 

I'l teach you exactly how to validate an idea from the get go, without having to spend any upfront money on advertising and get your first 100 sales. 

I've used this exact same system to create 6 figure viral bundles AND I've tested it in multiple niches including branding, publicity, self-care, relationship coaching, marketing, social media and more.  

Join us for the full year and get LIFETIME access to the system. 

Here's the breakdown of exactly what's inside in the module. 

MODULE 1: FOUNDATIONS (Already Uploaded) 

In this module, you'll learn

  • The 7 reasons people buy viral bundles and which need yours fulfills. 
  • What you can realistically expect to sell in the first 90 days (especially during Black Friday / Christmas periods). Hint: with the right product, the potential is huge. 
  • You'll get super clear on the biggest motivators of your ideal clients. 
  • You'll get clear on your Viral Value Ladder for maximum profits. 
  • And finally, we'll talk about how you can differentiate yourself from the competition without having to scream the loudest. 

MODULE 2: INNOVATE AND TEST (Already uploaded) 

In this module, you'll learn

  • Exactly how we sold $100k worth of viral bundles in 5.5 months. 
  • How to create a one-of-a-kind viral bundle your ideal clients want to buy within 10 mins of seeing on their screens. 
  • The 10 types of viral bundles (and which ones are best for you). 
  • The 2-page funnel that I use to pre-sell all viral bundles.
  • My million dollar script that helped me pre-sell 1300 viral bundle in 3 weeks and how you can adapt it to your niche. 
  • My simple Kajabi tech set up. 
  • How to get your first 100 sales. 
  • Product Mockup Templates so you can save time and create promo images for your bundle that makes you look like a million bucks. 


In this module, you'll learn

  • How to create a viral bundle people will love and use. 
  • What tools you can use to deliver it. 
  • My plug-and-play backend plan so you can create your experience in a weekend. 
  • My backend email sequence swipes. 
  • And so much more. 


In this module, you'll learn

  • How to create a sales page that works. 
  • The 4 Page Funnel that will bring you sales on autopilot. 
  • My retargeting Facebook Ads strategy that helped me reach every single person in my audience with the viral bundle. 
  • And so much more. 

MODULE 5: SCALE TO $20k-$100k in sales with the viral bundle. (to be added). 

In this module, you'll learn

  • How we use Facebook Ads to scale to $100k+ in sales in 5.5 months 
  • And so much more. 

Join us for the full year and get LIFETIME access to the system. 

Bonus #1: Accountability Partners 

The success you want? The results 20KN promises? We want those for you. 

I want those for you. 

And I won’t let your self-doubt stand in the way.

Which is why between mastermind calls, you get to work with an accountability partner, making damn sure that you move those honey buns.

Enough to make measurable progress anyway.

Although shaking it for fun is also encouraged.

Bonus #2: Human Psychology and Personality Typing Bonus Library (value: 997)

20K Nation is not for those who want to build faceless insurance companies. It’s for experts who want to build their personal brands.

Doing so without looking at the personality you’re branding seems very silly, and yet most business coaches attempt just that.

I don’t.

Using a system rooted in Carl Jung’s groundbreaking work, I’ll teach you to leverage your personality type so that you can finally be yourself in your business and attract people who are guaranteed to love you, pay you, get the best results from working with you, and rave about you to all their friends.

This doesn’t just help you build a brand faster. It guarantees you build a brand you won’t need to escape from.

Bonus #3: FREE access to ACE Your First 1000 Fans To Freedom (value: 497)

The ultimate training to help you Attract your first 1000 fans, Convert them into clients and Expand your influence so that YOU can become the Leader in your Niche. These are the exact same strategies that helped Katya built a 6 figure a year business in less than 2 years, i.e. it works kinda well.

Bonus #4: 20k Nation Live (who knows when) - Special Members Pricing

Meet your next best friends in real life at 20k Nation Live 2020 (hopefully if the craziness calms down) and implement the sprints like a boss.

Most likely, the event will be either hosted in London or Malta.

As a 20k Nation Member - you'll get a special price in comparison to the general public. 


You’ll obviously pay less, because serious commitment needs to be rewarded.

But how about a few extras, too? The pot can never get too sweet!


Bonus #1: 1-2-1 Virtual Intensive (value: $1000)

You and I get together on a 30 minute call to map out your personal plan of action, maybe even your viral content, and get to know each other a little bit better — whether you want to talk about your cat or the viral marketing plan to make you famous.

Bonus #2: The Casanova Effect (value: $997)

A best-selling course I created in collaboration with my trusted Facebook Ads manager, teaching you how to plan, create, set up and run your most cost-effective video ad campaigns on Facebook!

Bonus #3 365Prompts (value: $99)

The Famous PDF that was bought by over 600 people which gives you a content prompt for every single day for the next 365 days so you never wonder what to talk about on social again! #ContentBlocksBegone


Join us for the full year and get access to the Viral Bundle System and all its future versions. I am constantly adding to the course and you'll get future updates even if you leave 20k Nation after a year. 



Choose your membership. Either rock on for the year, like a boss, or choose the monthly option. Note: The Annual Option Gives You Lifetime Access to the Viral Bundles System™.


$199 / month


Monthly Group Call with Katya ($497 /m) 

Monthly Mastermind Call ($497/m)

Weekly Q&As Threads ($997/m)

BONUS: The Viral Bundles System™ ($2000) 

The 20K Nation Blueprint ($1997)

Highly Pre-Vetted Community (FB group) 

Optional: Accountability Partner

BONUS: Human Nature and Personality Typing Library ($997)

BONUS: ACE Your First 1000 Fans To Freedom ($497)

$1 Application Fee - Cancel Anytime
Terms & Conditions Apply

All our prices are inclusive of VAT

APPLY NOW - $199/m


$149 / month




Membership Fee Savings ($591 OFF) 


The Casanova Effect - the Ultimate Facebook Video Ads Course ($997)

365Prompts - 365 Irresistible Prompts for your Content Creation ($99) 

The Perfect Live Video Checklist For High Converting Live Streams ($27) 

$1 Application Fee - Renews Every Year
Terms & Conditions Apply

All our prices are inclusive of VAT

APPLY NOW - $149/m (billed annually at $1797/y)

Asiya Othman

She launched her membership, had her first 5 figure month and now has a wait list of future members.

Simone Vincenzi

Generated over £35,000 just from the personal connections and joint ventures made within the community.

Denise Mortimer

She planned and executed on her biggest launch to date and reach her first £31k month with a FREE 5 day Challenge.

Click Here To See All Our Testimonials

Success and Testimonials Disclaimer: Success is hard. In no way shape or form can we guarantee it for you. Chances are, we will not help you get rich or famous quick. Our case studies are all extraordinary entrepreneurs with tremendous work ethic and amazing offers. Plus they are in 100% alignment with their business model. They pushed through huge challenges to succeed. This is not easy. And finally, we have not independently verified that the results they’ve shared are true. Take it all with a grain of salt. Enjoy!


Have a business. Want more for it. Make sales already. Want to thrive. Like good people. Pass our vetting process.

Well maybe a few more things...

  1. Be an expert or skilled already. We can’t teach you how to be good at your thing, only how to sell it.
  2. Be open to doing more video and/or social media content. It’s, like, our whole thing.
  3. Be on social media and use it actively already. We’re in 2020, and we need you to be here with us.
  4. Be coachable and open to implementing and collaboration. The community won't work unless you work it. 
  5. Be someone who’s made sales before. We don’t want to waste your time before you have proof of concept. This is not a community for total newbies. If you're a newbie, check out 20knation.com/ace

Information hoarders who buy stuff and never do much with it.

People who blame others for their lack of success.

People who default on payment plans or debts.

People who aren’t willing to give more than they get.

People who don’t know what they want to sell.

People who are total newbies. 

People who are really struggling financially. 

Starting from the vetting process, I, the founder, know your name, your story, and how to best support you personally, based on my experience in marketing and deep understanding of human psychology.

Nobody else will give you advice based on your type. Few others will even acknowledge that people aren’t all the same, and that KILLS their clients’ confidence and limits their results.

This is the only community that will help you know yourself, your human nature, and the people you’re meant to work with, so that you can shine the brightest and easily attract those you’ll be able to help the most.

Plus, let’s face it, we’re the only ones who won’t bury you in “learning”.

We're all about collaboration. 

We don’t add value by adding hours to our training videos. We add value by adding $$$ to your bank account. And that comes from you learning a little bit, and implementing a whole lot.

Am I actually guaranteed $20k Months? 

No. I’m not an Ivy League school dean, I’m not going to lie to you here.

No business is human-proof, life-proof, or progress-proof. I don’t know what’s going to happen or not happen in your brain, your personal life, or your industry in the next 12 months. It’s frustrating, but the manifesting fairies do not send me forecasts.

There are a few other guarantees I can make you though.

I guarantee you that the content in the 20K Nation Blueprint is the fastest way I know to consistent growth and prosperity for any business out there.

I guarantee you that you will always, ALWAYS have all the support you need within the ​community.

Finally, I guarantee that you’re not getting in unless I fully believe our family is a good fit for what you want. 

We screen really, really hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

But if you are a monthly member and still want leave to anyway? Sad as it is for us, you’re always free to leave.

You just need to let us know in writing and we'll process the cancellation for you. 

Annual members, again, just let us know and we'll stop any future annual payments from coming out. 

We don't provide refunds on memberships fees already paid. 

We have always been a community of thought leaders and change makers.

Be that. Aspire to make the world a better place.

We’re probably not for you if your main goal is to make “passive income” just for the sake of making money.

David McCormack, INTJ
David joined the community towards the end of writing his book and was able to create a launch plan through the shared knowledge within 20k Nation.

Brilliant ones. Funny ones. Hot ones. Kind ones.

Not what you’re asking? Ok.

Hypnotherapists. Life coaches. Business consultants. Relationship Experts. Digital Marketers. Health coaches. Copywriters. PR managers.

Still not it? Well, how about this:

ALL kinds. ALL pre-vetted. ALL winners.

The true answer is, “as much as it takes”.

Not “15 minutes in the morning”, no. But it’ll probably still work out to quite a few hours less than you’re putting in right now, and reaching your goal will mean you can outsource and work way less. 

Working smart is a thing, apparently.

Who woulda thunk?

There’s a 24/7 FB group and community available to you at all times, and someone’s always there to answer a question you might have.

In addition to that, there are two mastermind calls each and every month that are 3 hours long each. Plus monthly Q&As in case you can't join us live. 

​The team is there for you Mon - Fri

And if you’re looking for even more face time? There's options for additional 1-2-1.

What about Katya? Will I get personally coached and advised by her? 

Only to a limited extend. 

On the Group Coaching Calls and Q&As - Katya will personally answer as many people's questions, while ensuring each member gets equal attention (around 10 mins on a hot seat). 

In the Facebook Group, Katya's paying attention to what's happening Mon-Fri. Please don't expect her to answer every single question, especially questions that require a long time of brainstorming.  

If you need more than that you have two options: 

  • 1) Join as an Annual member and get one 30 min intensive with Katya. 
  • 2) Talk to Katya about 1-2-1 or VIP and if that's a fit. 

Self-awareness is key here. If you NEED ongoing 1-2-1 coaching and hand-holding, this may not be the place for you. 

It wouldn't be fair to her 5 figure clients that she offers similar level of support to a $1797 a year membership. 

Don't expect special treatment. 

As soon as you are accepted to 20k Nation, you will get a Welcome email inviting you to the private 20k Nation ONLY students Facebook group. You will also receive a schedule of all the calls including the exclusive mastermind and group coaching calls.
Every single call is recorded so if your time zone does not allow you to be on a live call, or you're unable to make a call, you will still get all the same content.
Students often find that even when their question doesn’t get answered due to missing a call, someone else either has asked the question, or they end up getting the answer via community support from the Facebook group.

You can get lifetime access to the Viral Bundles System™ if you choose to join us Annually at $1797. 

Everything else you'll have access to for as long as are an active paying member. 





It may feel like you’re never ever getting to that $20K/month party. Or like the work has made you existentially insane.

No more. 

From now on, hustle has a point. 

Collaboration becoming your number one weapon.

Creating an experience for your audience that they will not be able to resist. 

Inspiring awe, and transformation, and undying loyalty.

Converting those into cash, and security, and charity work, and convertibles.

You know that $20K months could change the game for you. 

I know that $20K months are about to become your new baseline, if you let them.

Let them.


5,000 words is a lot to read and retain.

Which is why, one last time, just so you don’t need to scroll all the way up…



  • The Viral Bundles™ System (worth $2000). 
  • Global Community of Pre-vetted Peers (Facebook Group) (priceless)
  • 20k Nation Monthly Group Coaching Call w/ Katya (value: $497/month)
  • 20k Nation Monthly Mastermind Call w/ the community (value: $497/month)
  • The 20k Nation Blueprint (value: $1997)
  • Monthly Q&A with Katya (value: $497/month) 
  • Accountability Partners (priceless)
  • Human Nature & Personality Typing Library (value: $997)
  • 20k Nation Live Event 2020 (Members Only Special pricing)
  • Katya’s ACE Your First 1000 Fans To Freedom (value: $497)

TOTAL VALUE: OVER $15,000/YEAR — yours for $199/month* (cancel anytime) 


Unless you’re paying annually, cause that also gets you:

  • Membership Fee Savings ($591 OFF for paying annually)
  • Lifetime Access to the Viral Bundles System™
  • A 1-2-1 intensive call with Katya (value: $1000)
  • The Casanova Effect (sold for $997)
  • 365Prompts (sold for $99) 
  • Live Video Checklist (sold for $27)

TOTAL VALUE: OVER $17,000/year - yours for just $149/m, billed annually at $1,797*/year


Choose your membership. Either rock on for the year, like a boss, or choose the monthly option. Note: The Annual Option Gives You Lifetime Access to the Viral Bundles System™.


$199 / month


Monthly Group Call with Katya ($497 /m) 

Monthly Mastermind Call ($497/m)

Weekly Q&As Threads ($997/m)

BONUS: The Viral Bundles System™ ($2000) 

The 20K Nation Blueprint ($1997)

Highly Pre-Vetted Community (FB group) 

Optional: Accountability Partner

BONUS: Human Nature and Personality Typing Library ($997)

BONUS: ACE Your First 1000 Fans To Freedom ($497)

$1 Application Fee - Cancel Anytime
Terms & Conditions Apply

All our prices are inclusive of VAT

APPLY NOW - $199/m


$149 / month




Membership Fee Savings ($591 OFF) 


1-2-1 30-min Intensive with Katya ($1000) 
(limited spots - use within 12 months or lose it.)

The Casanova Effect - the Ultimate Facebook Video Ads Course ($997)

365Prompts - 365 Irresistible Prompts for your Content Creation ($99) 

The Perfect Live Video Checklist For High Converting Live Streams ($27) 

$1 Application Fee - Renews Every Year
Terms & Conditions Apply

All our prices are inclusive of VAT

APPLY NOW - $149/m (billed annually at $1797/y)

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