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Create viral reels in minutes with this toolkit (for personal use only)! It includes an IG Reels Strategy Guide for beginners, a pack of Canva reel templates, and workflows to help you create reels for Instagram / Facebook! 

Fully customizable with your brand fonts and colors in Canva and expertly formulated to grow your reach and boost your engagement - no dancing, lip syncing or pointing required. 

Please note, these are NOT re-sellable. 

Valued at over $1800! Add it to your order for $111 $33 extra one time payment. 

License Terms: Use it to market your business on Instagram. Standard license only. NOT resellable (i.e. no PLR).  

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The AI Content System by Viral Marketing Stars® ($297 USD)


AI Content System by Viral Marketing Stars® 

Get everything you need (& nothing you do not) to make volumes of consistently hot-looking, viral-worthy content that spreads your message and sells out your offers WITHOUT BURNING YOU OUT IN THE PROCESS, all for a one-time payment of less than $1 per day. 


* This is a one-time payment. All of our prices include VAT.

“So many businesses fail because they debate the ROI of social media, instead of investing in their social media” - Gary Vee 

You know social media is key for your brand but:

  • You're not posting strategically or consistently. 
  • Your time is valuable—you want speed, not hours on Canva scrolling.
  • Designing from scratch isn't the best use of your energy.
  • ChatGPT often gives you generic, unusable content.

Wouldn’t you rather:

  • Have a proven strategy for social media growth and sales, even your VA can use? 
  • Have a year’s worth of content for less than $1 a day? 
  • Use a step-by-step AI process to create unique, on-brand content?
  • Make 30 pieces of visually cohesive content in 1-3 hours for your feed and stories?

Save time with a proven AI content system designed by viral marketers. 

Introducing the AI Content System by Viral Marketing Stars® 

  • The ultimate social media system to boost sales with less stress using Canva + AI. 
  • Perfect for experts, creators, and service providers on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn—regardless of niche.


  • The Viral Content System® (5Cs) for growth, brand building & social media conversion (value: $1000) 
  • 12 Monthly Viral Content Collections - create 30 pieces of content in 1-3 hours (value: $3000), each includes:
    • Content plan aligned with the 5Cs
    • 20 editable Canva templates (2 aesthetics, 3 formats: feed & stories/reels)
    • Captions, calls-to-action, niche-specific examples & content repurposing ideas 
    • Available in PDF & Notion formats
    • Expertly designed to create 30 pieces of content in 1-3 hours.
  • AI ChatGPT prompts & step-by-step customization for your niche
  • Customers-only community (value: priceless) 
  • BONUS: 3 x Strategy Guides for Instagram Reels, TikTok & Threads (value: $300) 
  • BONUS: Social media banner templates for Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube & Twitter (value: $200) 
  • BONUS: 22 x Instagram carousel templates (value: $300) 
  • BONUS: Branded Instagram highlight templates (value: $100) 
  • BONUS: 10-Days Launch Kit for social media sales campaigns (value: $300) 
  • BONUS: Twitter-style quote templates (value: $100)  
  • LICENSE TERMS: Individual Only - use the templates for any business you are the sole owner of (for agency licensing, email [email protected]



And for the skeptics, we spent over $25k on the design of these templates alone, so you don't have to. 

INVESTMENT TODAY: $500 $297 USD (one-time-payment) early bird special 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is this a subscription?

    • No, it's a one-time payment of $297 USD.
  2. Is access limited to 12 months?

    • No, access is for as long as the product and business exist.
  3. What's the difference between this and Viral Content Club® (VCC)?

    • VCC is a subscription community. This is a DIY one-time purchase.
  4. If I am in the Viral Content Club®, should I buy this too?

    • If you are a current VCC subscriber in good standing, good news. You have the templates and all the A.I. prompts and bonuses will be dropped into your account shortly. If you are a lapsed VCC member then this offer is a perfect opportunity to get your hands on the most recent 12 collections from our library, prompts, and bonuses, without the ongoing membership fees. 
  5. Can I resell these templates with PLR or MRR?

    • No, this is for personal use only.
  6. Is it suitable for my niche/aesthetic/business?

    • If you sell your knowledge or skills, know how to use Canva, and have a presence on social (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) then yes.
  7. Got any other questions?
    • Use the CHAT button on this page, or email [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @viralmarketingstars  

  8. Can I promote this as an affiliate? 
    • Yes. You can earn up to 50% commissions by promoting this product to your friends. Visit viralmarketingstars.com/affiliates to login into your existing account or create a new one. 


  1. Got any other questions?
    • Use the CHAT button on this page, or email [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @viralmarketingstars  



What People Are Saying:

I have struggled with content and dreaded it for years and for the first time ever, I feel like social media is exciting and fun, so thank you!

Diana Tower (Membership Niche)

Best ROI of the year

Rachel Luna (Faith & Confidence Niche)

The Viral Marketing Stars® Collections have been a blessing for my marketing during my launches.

Gemma Went (Business Coaching Niche)

My social media reach has 5x-ed and my engagement is up 14%

Sarah Potter (Hypnotherapy Niche)

The Viral Marketing Stars® templates feel like having an expensive social media & graphic agency in my back pocket for a fraction of the price

Christine Luken (Personal Finance Niche)

I no longer touch content creation at all. My intern takes the templates and puts out high-quality content on my feed.

Simone Vincenzi - (Publicity & Conversion Niche)

I’ve grown to over 111k followers in 2 years and I recommend the Viral Marketing Stars® to anyone who wants to grow their audience, engagement, reputation, and income.

Annie Kazsina (Relationship Niche)

As a busy CEO leading a team of 27 agents, the templates help me save time and create 30 days of content in 1 hour per month

Christine Hardenberger (Travel Niche)