0-30k TikTok Workshop by Viral Marketing Stars® ($111 USD)


0-30k TikTok Workshop by Viral Marketing Stars® 

Join Katya from Viral Marketing Stars® for the replay of this workshop revealing how she grew from 0 to 30k followers in one month on TikTok and how you can grow an audience of 10,000+ engaged followers and potential clients for your business, build brand awareness and generate leads leveraging the hottest platform on the planet. 


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Are you using social media for business (or your clients' businesses) and:

  • 😩 you’ve been creating content for YEARS but audience growth has been slow for the amount of work you’ve put in AND you wish you could reach more people with your marketing quicker? 🥳
  • 😩 you know you're missing something but you're not sure what AND wish to make social media work in your favour in 2023, so you can grow your business instead of wasting time on strategies that don't work? 🥳
  • 😩 you've heard all the rave about TikTok but you're unsure where to begin AND wish to learn how it can be leveraged for your business for brand awareness and lead generation, the most efficient way? 🥳 

If any of this speaks to you, then you’re going to LOVE this!

I just hosted a BRAND NEW TikTok workshop revealing how I grew 0-30k followers on TikTok in 1 month from scratch AND how I believe every single online business owner, expert or coach can leverage TikTok for brand awareness and lead generation in 2023. 

This workshop is perfect for experts & businesses who want more eyeballs on their brand, so they can impact more people with their work and they're open to exploring TikTok as an additional platform for their marketing strategy. 

This workshop is NOT recommended if you don't have a business or expertise / topic you're passionate about yet. We can’t teach you how to be an expert / passionate about your topic - only how to grow an audience around it.

In the 0-30 TikTok workshop, you’re going learn:

  • ✅ The exact strategy & content I used to build a TikTok account from scratch to 30k+ followers in one month + generated over 1,000 leads in the process. 
  • ✅ How the TikTok algorithm works (spoiler alert: it's very different from all other platforms) and how your competitors are creating viral content that's blowing their brands up in your niche, and how you can do the same. 
  • ✅ How to stand out on the app, generate leads and make sales from TikTok without being too salesy or pushy with your videos 
  • ✅ How you / your team can create content consistently for your TikTok without overwhelm or burnout, so you can grow and nurture your community for the long haul (instead of ending up like all other brands who try a social media for 6 months and give up because they get 0 traction) 

When you purchase this workshop offer you'll get: 

  • ✅ 0-30k TikTok Workshop Replay  Workshop + Q&A
  • ✅ BONUS: Instant Access to the 0-30k TikTok Case Study Guide (that's worth $100 on its own) 
  • ✅ BONUS: FREE access to the Viral Marketing Stars® Lounge Facebook Community for Paying Customers Only
  • ✅ Get it for the BEST price it will ever be (currently $111, going up soon).

Workshop Details 

The workshop replay happened on Dec 19th 2022. The core of the workshop consists of 90 mins core training + 1 hour Q&A. The replay will be delivered on or around Dec 21st

In case you're new to our workshops, our students often say they love that all our workshops have ZERO FLUFF and instead - 100% practical advice you can apply today.

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Q: I already have the TikTok Guide as part of the Viral Content Club® - what's the difference between the workshop and the guide? 

A: The workshop content is almost the same as the TikTok guide, but at the workshop I'll dive deeper into my thinking behind the strategy and answer questions!


$111 USD

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