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If you want to grow on Instagram in 2023, you need to utilize IG Reels! But Reels can be incredibly time consuming to create. 

With this toolkit, you'll be able to create IG reels in 5 minutes or less. 

It includes a pack of Canva reel templates, reel thumbnails, a workflow and tutorials for complete beginners (as well as advanced users)! 

All the templates are fully customizable with your brand fonts and colors and expertly formulated to grow your reach and boost your engagement - no dancing, lip syncing or pointing required.

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Your First 10,000 Followers - Instagram Edition ($297)


Your First 10,000 Followers (Instagram Edition) 

Grow an audience of 10,000+ engaged followers and potential clients for your business without running ads or burning out in the process by leveraging viral niche Instagram accounts by Jamie Nudelman.



  • ✅ 4 comprehensive modules to help you start, grow and monetize an Instagram account - consume the way you learn best - whether you prefer to watch videos (with slides + closed captions) or prefer to read (fully written out lessons) alongside helpful resources and cheat sheets to help you execute and integrate your learning.
  • ✅ Hashtags Tracker (Notion Template) to organize all your hashtag research in one place.
  • ✅ The Viral Content System® Idea Bank (Google Sheets + Canva template) to help you organize your content ideas and never run out of things to post
  • ✅ Instagram Account Security Tracker  (Google Doc Template) to help you keep all your account details and passwords secure and organized.
  • ✅ Google Spreadsheet template to help you track all of your links for selling your products or services.
  • ✅ Canva tutorials to guide you throughout the process.
  • ✅ Instagram & Social Media Insights Tracker Template (Google Sheet) to help you analyze and boost your performance.

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