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Hashtags Mastery Workshop ($29.99)


The Viral Hashtags Mastery Workshop

The Ultimate 2 Hour Workshop Bundle to Boost Your Engagement, Go Viral and Reach More Ideal Clients on Instagram using a proven and tested Viral Hashtags System. 

MYTH: You have to have gazillions of followers or pay to boost your posts to get engagement and followers on your instagram. 

TRUTH: There is an art and science to maximizing the reach of your feed posts. 

You just need to have a viral hashtag strategy (to make sure you're picking the right hashtags for maximum exposure). 

Ever wondered how these influencers get so many leads, comments and even sales from simple IG posts? 

Let’s just say for most of them, it wasn’t their first time putting content on the internet. 😉

How did they know what hashtags to use? 

Katya Varbanova and Jamie Nudelman present: 

The Viral Hashtags Mastery Workshop 

The Ultimate 2 Hour Workshop Bundle to Boost Your Engagement, Go Viral and Reach More Ideal Clients on Instagram using a proven and tested Viral Hashtags System. 

We're teaching you the latest IG algorithm trends that defeat the social media algorithm, break through the noise and reach your ideal clients. 

What you'll get:

  • 2 Hour Video Workshop Walking You Through the Viral Hashtags Mastery System. 
  • Full PDF Transcript of the entire workshop for those that prefer to read.
  • MP3 Audio so you can plug the workshop on your airpods while kids are running around. 
  • Invite to our Customers Only Facebook Community. 
  • Invite to my Secret Telegram Channel Where You Get Front Row Seat of my business.