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Due to the downloadable nature of The Viral Content Club®, we cannot offer refunds on your purchase. All sales are final. However, if you have any problems or feedback, email us at [email protected] 

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Not sure if you will like our templates? Read the detailed information at theviralcontentclub.com and check out our index with Viral Content Club™ templates - viralmarketingstars.com/index (Club index starts from page 31 onwards).


The Viral Content Club® is a product that goes through consistent development! We reserve the right to change and vary the deliverables for the benefit of our members.   

LICENSE SUMMARY: You get ONE individual license for your brand only. That means you cannot share, re-distribute, re-sell, recreate, or create derivative works in any way, shape or form with ANY of our templates (including the original Viral Content Templates™) unless explicitly allowed in writing with the respective purchases of Agency or Reseller license. DO not share the files, PDFs or templates with any third parties without permission. 

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  • Use the templates for multiple businesses/blogs for which you are the sole owner of.


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  • Create derivative products from the templates such as your own templates, swipes printable, mugs, print, or any such products for sale or give away for free.
  • Use the images to promote or sell other content and design templates, design products, services, resources, courses, whether free or paid.
  • Claim the templates, designs, copy or any of the elements as your own.

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If you want to use our templates on your clients' social media, go to viralmarketingstars.com/licensing to find out more about your license options and email us at [email protected] 



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The Viral Content Club® (Annual Membership) - $499.99 Every Year


The Viral Content Club®

Monthly done for you, plug & play viral content templates™, captions, call to actions & niche-specific prompts for B2B and B2C entrepreneurs and course creators who want to create content consistently and attract new followers and customers with less stress and more fun.


*All of our prices include VAT


  • Monthly Content Plan with the Viral Content System®  (5Cs) 
  • 30 days worth of fill-in-the-blank content with a manual including templates, captions, call to actions, niche-specific prompts for B2B and B2C to support your 30 day plan (20 1:1 templates and 20 9:16 templates included). 
  • Monthly time-saving, “what is working right now” surprise bonus
  • Facebook community for inspiration, connection, and collaboration
  • ONE Individual Commercial License for brands / social media accounts you SOLELY own (license terms apply). 
  • BONUS: hashtag lists for 14 niches (for Instagram; already available) 
  • Quarterly Q&As with the Viral Marketing Stars® Team 
  • Earn 40% recurring affiliate commissions on the profits by promoting The Viral Content Club® to your friends and clients. 
  • The entire back catalogue of previous collections and bonuses (Unlimited Download Access for the duration of your membership) 
  • Save $99 per year 
  • See EXACTLY everything that's included in the Club at viralmarketingstars.com/index (from page 31 onwards) 

On joining you’ll get immediate access to all previous collections and bonuses.


  • The original 100 Viral Content Templates™ (Variety Pack) - You can upgrade your order and add these separately for an additional $30.

  • Unless a benefit is specifically mentioned on this page - consider it NOT included.

What You Need For the Templates

A FREE Canva account.


From our customers' mouth

What People Are Saying:

I have been struggling {hard} with creating consistent content. I’ve been stuck and I couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t figure out how to bake my "content cookies" so to speak. I have all the knowledge and personality ingredients but not the recipe... and if I can’t make amazing cookies I just won’t do it. And I haven’t. I am here opening the Viral Content Club™ collection and realizing that I HAVE GOT the recipe now. This club is my recipe for amazing content cookies. It is SO much more than templates!! I can finally see it...my monthly routine: Once a month I can sit down and bake batches of delicious content cookies...and packages them up to gift to my audience. It finally doesn’t feel like superficial BS content to feed an algorithm or a waste of time, it feels like baking yummy cookies to share with friends and family at Christmas. OMG...I signed up thinking that this would help me PUSH through content creation (cause it’s always felt so heavy) but you’ve gone and helped me shift my mindset *click* to allow me to JOY my way through content creation (like baking cookies). You’ve made something I have struggled with and dreaded for months (if not years) something that now feels exciting... turning it into a fun “baking session”?? Thank you Katya, Jamie and your entire team for this. Just the mental energy shift I’m feeling right now was worth the investment.

Diana Tower