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The Viral Content Templates™ Social Domination Bundle


Social Domination Full Bundle ($99.99USD)

The Viral Content Templates™ + Limited edition templates, the Psychology of Going Viral Workshop, IG Planning Workshop and a Beat Procrastination Audio. Valued at $1000+.

*NOTE: All our prices are inclusive of VAT. 


  • The 100 Viral Content Templates™ to use inside Canva ($1000 value) 
  • VIDEO: 3 Secrets to Growing Your Audience ($99 value)
  • One Individual License ($30 value) 
  • Facebook Community (priceless) 
  • LIMITED Edition Templates
  • VIDEO: The Psychology of Going Viral By Design ($300 value) 
  • VIDEO: IG Planning & Automation Workshop ($100 value) 
  • AUDIO: How to Beat Procrastination ($50 value)

    TOTAL VALUE = $1680 
    PRICE = $99.99 USD

What Influencers and Clients Are Saying About Katya, the CEO of Viral Marketing Stars®

A post of mine went viral. 8.5k shares in one day. I want to thank Katya for all her teaching because the copy I wrote to the text is an example of what I learned from her. Lots of people added me and inboxed me with positive thank you messages. Thank you, Katya! ovidio-lopez-alers.goherbalife.com/Catalog/Home/Index/es-PR

Ovidio Efrain Lopez Aler

Katya helped me brainstorm, script and create a video for my business. I hit my first 539k views on a video that's called "THINGS ACCOUNTANTS DON'T SAY". Considering I have an accounting firm, you can imagine how many ideal followers have been attracted to me through it. https://annetteandco.co.uk/

Annette Ferguson

Katya really knows how to create content that goes viral. She helped me brainstorm, script and produce a video that got 556,000 views on my (at the time) 2k business page (now 14k). My video has been shared over 1400 times and the best part is, it is impacting women even to this day. www.lenkalutonska.com

Lenka Lutonska

I come back to Katya time and time again because she knows how to create content that goes viral and emotionally impacts your audience. She helped me create a video that reached 97k people organically (and got 61k views and 606 shares). www.selenasoo.com

Selena Soo